Reimagining the Drill Hall Project #6 Flynn O’Shaughnessy

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Fri 28 September — Sat 29 September 2018, 5:30pm–7pm


Drill Hall Gallery

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“An extension of the Drill Hall Gallery that evokes human curiosity and interaction. The notion of a stacked gallery experience that does not encroach on the site with a large footprint. A glowing thin tower that captures the sunlight throughout the entire day. A curved stair case that resembles an exaggeration of the Drill Hall‚Äôs curved brick interior walls, allowing people to circulate up and down the building. Inside, one experiences views of the University campus and surrounding areas at various levels. A stacked program that is adaptable depending on the needs of the gallery. An opposing negative resides next to the tower, where a tiered water element invites people to enjoy and gawk at this new spectacle.” – Flynn O‚ÄôShaughnessy September 2018

Join us for a glass of wine Friday 28 September at 5:30pm as Flynn explains his unique vision for a new and most innovative gallery space for the Drill Hall Gallery precinct.

In 2017 architecture students at the University of Canberra’s Faculty of Arts and Design were set a project, requiring them to design an extension to the ANU Drill Hall Gallery. Their brief was to enhance the precinct, to establish a dedicated space for storage and display of the University’s art collection, and to provide spaces for functions and educational activities.

studio overview

The Studio Program for the graduation semester of the University of Canberra Bachelor of Arts in Architecture 2017 is focused on the role of civic architecture and the value of transformative projects within the public domain of the city to enrich and extend the quality and experience of our urban realm.

The studio, entitled Collected : ness [vessel] seeks an urban intervention that responds to the cultural value of the Drill Hall Gallery precinct as a socio-cultural asset of collective significance ‚Äď both in the value of the collections it holds and exhibits and in its role as an urban artefact within the collective memory of the city.

The studio focus considers the interrelated dimensions of social, cultural and public space and their scales of interface within the milieu of civic architecture. Relative to the interconnectedness of the urban/public realm, the architectural response strives towards an understanding of ‚Äėconnected : ness‚Äô in time, place and context in which the proposed intervention contributes to the palimpsest of the city‚Äôs evolution and acts asa catalyst for future imaginings. The project entails a considered approach of spatial editing and spatial addition to enhance the legibility of the existing building and the creation of a second spatial volume or ‚Äėvessel‚Äô of collected [light], [white], [thought],[time], [art], [cultural value].

Ann Cleary, FRAIA Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Studio Convenor

Eight of these projects have been selected for exhibition at the Drill Hall Gallery.
Each will be introduced by a student/architectural visionary and will be on display in the Gallery for 3 or 4 weeks.


collected:ness [vessel] ‚Äďan urban proposal for the Drill Hall Gallery Precinct

Project 1: Mathew Turton   Friday 23 March 6pm
Project 2: Ansis Eversons   Sunday 15 April  3pm
Project 3: Lachlan Vild   Friday  25 May   6pm
Project 4: Abbie Muir   Sunday 17 June  3pm
Project 5: James Sekoranja      Sunday 19 August  3pm
Project 6: Flynn O’Shaughnessy    Friday 28 September 6pm
Project 7: Madeline Underwood   Sunday 21 October  3pm
Project 8: Emma Barrett  Sunday 18 November  3pm


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